Zimbabwe is on the brink of civil unrest due to the failure by the state to fulfill basic human rights and needs.

Masvingo POSB Burns Residents watch as Masvingo POSB Burns

(Masvingo POSB burns after being set alight by disgruntled citizens)

Today (20 June 2016) sparks of civil unrest became evident as two separate incidents in Masvingo and Beitbridge Border Post confirm the volatile situation.

Reports are that pensioners in Masvingo today burnt the Masvingo POSB and singing and chanting protest songs afterwards.

At Beitbridge Border Post it is reported that there was a near riot as informal traders resisted confiscation of their goods by ZIMRA officials until the ZIMRA boss intervened.

As Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights we wish to advise the government and the authorities concerned to ensure that citizens access and enjoy their basic human rights as failure to do so is agitating a mass protest by the citizens.

Events of the last three weeks after the villagers in Matshetsheni Villagers in Gwanda North burnt 3 homesteads belonging to notorious cattle rustlers in protest to the protection of their livelihoods and economic rights have proved that citizens can resort to drastic measures to demand their rights.

We shall continue monitoring the situation and our Human Rights Ambassadors have been advised to monitor the situation very closely.

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