Bulawayo Devolution Protestors Change R.Mugabe Street name

Probably angry by the 3 years non-implementation of the Devolution of Power Clause in the Constitution of Zimbabwe by the Robert Mugabe led Government, some Bulawayo citizens last night changed the ROBERT MUGABE WAY to DEVOLUTION WAY . The street name was changed in the street posts from 1st Avenue to 12th Avenue

Parliamentary Motion on Police Violation of Human Rights During Peaceful Protests Should be Taken Seriously (PS17/2016)

  On Wednesday 17 August 2016 Honorable MP Nelson Chamisa tabled a very important Motion in the Parliament of Zimbabwe which seek to deal with and address issues of police brutality and violation of basic and fundamental human rights especially during peaceful protests. Hon. Chamisa’s Motion sought among other issues to: Ask the Minister of... Continue Reading →

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