Heroes Day is time when we take time to reflect and remember the heroes who sacrificed their rights, interests and welfare for the good of humanity.
This year 2016, as Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights we join the nation in celebrating this important day in the Zimbabwean calendar. As we celebrate Heroes Day we need to remember that heroes are not only limited to those people who fought for the liberation of the country only.
 Whilst focus is emphasized to those who fought for the liberation of the country and are laid to rest at the heroes acre, we note that our heroes are scattered all over Matabeleland in shallow graves and living shallow lives today.
Our heroes are having their bones rotting in shallow mass graves and in deep disused mine shafts all over the region. Our heroes are the more than 20 000 innocent civilians who were recklessly killed for nothing during Gukurahundi.
Our heroes are the women and men of Matabeleland who were provoked beyond measure and are continuously being provoked but they continue to hold themselves and choose non-violence and fairness.
Our heroes are the people of Matabeleland who despite being pushed to hunger, starvation and poverty have continued to survive peaceful and to struggle for justice and equity.
Our heroes are the young people of Matabeleland who are being victimised in silence in neighbouring countries as economic and political migrants.
Our heroes are all the public and private institutions who continue to struggle for human rights protection and promotion besides the adversity and the challenges of injustice, corruption, mis-governance and dictatorship.
We salute all the unsung heroes of Matabeleland.
By: The General Secretary
Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights

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