(#OurRights Challenge Campaign)
Having received numerous complaint reports from Emakhandeni residents yesterday (10 January 2018) Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights this morning (11 January 2018) engaged the ward Councilor and the Constituency MP over the closure of water by The City of Bulawayo on schools opening. The two leaders have pledged to fulfill their duty to protect human rights by visiting the school immediately.
Emakhandeni parents that spoke to MIHR complained that when schools opened, the @Bulawayo City Council had disconnected water to the school and now the school Headmistress is demanding that each student pay usd1 for water reconnection. The parents complained that they pay General Purpose Fees to the school and the head should use it to pay for water reconnection. They further questioned the wisdom of the council in closing water to a school when the Constitution says in all matters pertaining to the child the interest of the child should be paramount and thus this decision violates the right to education and health.
MIHR will follow up on the matter and continue to lobby the community leaders to act on the matter for water to be restored without extra payments by the parents.

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