#OurMoney- usd12,6mln wasted on Chiefs cars

12,6mln on spent on buying 280 #Chiefs cars could have done 1 of the these:
1. Built 1,150 classroom blocks
2. Built 630 clinics
3. Bought 1,4mln books
4. Paid abt 21,000 civil servants
5. Drilled 4,200 new boreholes
6. Bought 105,000 bikes for rural health workers
7. Bought atleast 2 new ambulances for each rural district of Zimbabwe
The same Chiefs who are being pampered with vehicles have communities that walk 30km to nearest clinic, children who walk 10km to nearest primary school, children who learn under trees. The same chiefs when they are ill they go to hospitals that dont have beds.
The government of Zimbabwe should stop wasting #OurMoney and start putting it into useful service delivery and development as well as productive sectors.
Taxpayers money should be for #HumanRights fulfilment for the public not for individual self gratification.
As MIHR we stand opposed to the decision of the government of Zimbabwe to pamper chiefs with vehicles amidst high levels of human poverty, escalating underdevelopment, gross service delivery collapse and alarming rates of unemployment. This is being selfish.

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