(Public Statement 1/2018)

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights is calling on the responsible authorities to impose stiffer penalties for drivers who attempt to cross flooded rivers as they are a danger to human life and society.

With the incessant rains currently happening in the country, MIHR has noted with concern the numerous cases of private vehicles attempting to cross flooded rivers in rural areas. This behaviour by the drivers is grossly irresponsible and such drivers should be punished severely and one of the measures may be to revoke their licenses for a period not less than one year.

When a driver (of a private or public vehicle) attempts to cross a flooded river, the driver endangers the lives of the passengers and is risking the passengers’ right to life which is a key fundamental right guaranteed in Zimbabwean and international law. It is in that vein we call on the Government of Zimbabwe and the responsible authorities to exercise their duty to protect human rights as enshrined in Constitution of the land by imposing stiffer penalties on such offenders.

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