The recent job strike by government hospital nurses in Zimbabwe triggers gross human rights violations as the public is denied of their basic and fundamental rights to health care and subsequently right to life; and thus the Zimbabwean government is obliged to act accordingly and resolve the humanitarian situation.

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights noted with grave concern that the Zimbabwe nurses job strike is happening barely less than a month after doctors spent weeks on industrial action. During the doctors’ strike many patients could not access treatment but they were under the care of nurses. However, the situation is even severe now considering that in most government hospitals patients are always attended to by nurses as there is an acute shortage of doctors.

MIHR observed a hospital in Bulawayo where outpatients were being turned away due to the strike and some had to resort to council and private clinics.

The government of Zimbabwe is thus being urged to urgently attend to the matter in order to safeguard and protect the citizens’ right to health care and subsequently the right to life.

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