africa splitting
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Zimbabwean citizens have the right to know the security, geographic, economic, political and social implications of the recent rift that has appeared in the Kenya East African Valley and is threatening to split the continent into two.

Recent international media sources have reported that Africa is splitting into two following the appearance of a huge crack measuring about 15 metres deep and 20 metres wide and stretching for several kilometres in Narok County of Kenya within the East African Rift Valley. The greater Rift Valley stretches for over 2900km from the Gulf of Aden in the North towards the Southern part of Zimbabwe.

According to international media sources and scientific scholars “the crack appeared along the 3,700 mile-long East African Rift, where the Somali tectonic plate in the east and the Nubian plate in the west move away from each other.

“Eventually, the Somali plate may completely separate from the Nubian plate and form a separate land mass comparable to Madagascar or New Zealand. Fortunately for those who live there, that separation isn’t expected to happen for another 50 million years. It does mean, however, that the physical effects of that separation will continue to be felt” sources said.

Furthermore it is reported that eventually the right should expand and break Africa into two with the smaller continent including present day Somalia, parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and parts of Mozambique.

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights challenges the Zimbabwean government to ensure that the rights of the citizens to know, especially about this important phenomena that has potential to affect their lives is respected and promoted. The executive should dispatch a team of geologists to go and study the phenomena and come to present to the nation.


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