Where is freedom of conscience in Zimbabwe?

Where is freedom of conscience in Zimbabwe when ZANUPF (ruling party) youths are alleged to be terrorising and attempt to seize the car of a traditional leader (Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni) for simple speaking his mind about the Emerson Mnangagwa administration and the Gukurahundi genocide?

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights calls on Emerson Mnangagwa (ZANU PF President) to reign on his party supporters and fulfil the statement he made when he met Matabeleland Collective members in Bulawayo and pledged the decriminalizing of Gukurahundi genocide talk.

Image taken by citizen journalists today 15 May 2019 in Bulawayo

The alleged ZANUPF youths have no mandate to seize the chief’s car because the vehicle was given by the government and not by ZANUPF party.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees the freedom of expression as well as freedom of conscience. The Chief’s rhetoric against the government and against government departments operating in his area are nothing but an exercise of his constitutional rights. The behaviour of the alleged ZANU PF youths is mearnt to incense the youths and people of Matabeleland who see Chief Khayisa (Ndiweni) as the voice of their opinions and frustrations.

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