Breaking News: Njube High School Students in Peaceful Demo

Njube High School students demo. Pic by MIHR

About 100 students from Njube High School in Bulawayo took to the streets in midmorning today (Monday 20 January 2020) demonstrating against sharp fees hike and demanding that they be given their right to education.

The students who were singing the Ndebele protest song “into oyenzayo siyayizonda” (we dont like what you are doing) moved from the school premises and joined Masiyephambili road and Luveve road at Emagetsini and turned back close to Entumbane complex. They were carrying the Zimbabwe flag, the President’s portrait and placards.

One of the placards asking “where is UNICEF”

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, “every person has the right to freedom of assembly and association” (section 58). Furthermore, Section 59 accords “every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions, but these rights must be exercised peacefully”

MIHR observed the demonstration and noted that the students exercised their right peacefully without damaging public or private property and without injuring passerbys.

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