Mpopoma Residents Force Abortion of Bulawayo Council Policy Presentation

To express their displeasure and unhappiness at the way Bulawayo City Council has been failing to attend to pertinent residents’ concerns, about 150 Bulawayo ward 9 residents on Sartuday 29 February 2020 forced a premature abortion of a residents and council officials meeting meant to discuss the new council credit policy.

Firstly, the residents refused to sign the register of attendance accusing council of wanting to use the register to fabricate and say they agreed to the policy. The residents said during the budget consultation they rejected the budget but council went ahead to pass it disregarding their input.

Having withdrawn their consent to sign the register, the residents also complained why council sent only 1 employee to present such an important documenting arguing that there was Noone to be minuting residents’ concerns.

Thirdly the residents disputed why the credit policy was said to be approved by council without their (residents) prior consultation.

The residents said they don’t feel the council still has legitimate cause to adress them and thus they need the Minister of Local Government instead.

Eventually the residents told the Council official to leave and the meeting ended without the credit policy presentation.

This is an example of the power that ordinary citizens have should they decide to nonviolently act in unity towards a common cause.

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