Corona Watch: Government should Decongest ZUPCO Buses to half their capacity

In view of the recent pronouncements by the President of Zimbabwe to mitigate risks of Corona Virus spread which include a ban of all public gatherings, as Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights we wish to implore the government to further instruct the decongestion of ZUPCO buses to atleast half their carrying capacity in order to minimize human to human contact and Corona virus risk.

We note with great concern that ZUPCO buses are one of the most congested public spaces and that puts both the passengers and crew at Corona risk. The queues and congestion in ZUPCO buses is high corona risk.

We further appreciate the stance taken by the President in declaring Coronavirus a national disaster and we appeal to the citizens to heed the call and practice safety and security measures. We also appeal to citizens to refrain from spreading fake news about the virus outbreak as this causes unnecessary panic and pandemonium.

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