Violent Storm Destroys Over 62 Gwanda Homes

(Gwanda ward 1 Councilor Mr Stanford Nkala)

A violent storm ripped through Gwanda ward 1 villages on Tuesday 10 November 2020 damaging over 62 homes (with 12 totally destroyed) and damaging infrastructure in 5 schools.

(Mr Moyo shows one of the damaged houses)

MIHR has been continuously assessing the situation and a week later (on Tuesday 17 November) most of the communities were already rehabilitating their damaged infrastructure.

The institute observed the following:

  1. The local district disaster response team visited the area 48 hours after the incident for an assessment but they have not been able to get assistance for the affected families
  2. At the ward and village levels, the disaster risk reduction committees need strengthening
  3. There is need for assistance to rebuild the destroyed houses, food assistance, stationary assistance and some families need assistance with civil documents that were soiled by the rains.
(Mrs Moyo of Bhungwe in Magedleni village shows damaged civil documents)


The #RebuildGwandaWard1 Campaign has already started getting resources for the affected families and it is being supported by the local leadership including the DDC, the Councilor and the traditional leadership.

(A damaged classroom block at Nkazhe Primary School)

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