“We are being overwhelmed and overrun by this virus” – Government Official

A Senior government official has issued a chilling warning to Zimbabweans and admitted for the first time that the country is in a dire and desperate Covid19 situation.

Posting on his microblogging site Twitter, government’s Secretary for Information Mr Nick Mangwana (@nickmangwana) posted that “We hear UK beds are overwhelmed by Covid19. Well, that’s them. They say in SA, hospital admission thresholds are now quite high- that’s them. But, let me tell you about our own situation, don’t catch the virus if you can avoid it. We are being overwhelmed and overrun by this virus”.

Mr Mangwana further posted that “We really are in it. Those who doubt should call any hosputal including private ones and hear what they will told. Our capacity to admit other patients is extremely diminished.”

Mr Mangwana was asked by a blogger Norman Ngwenya (@NormanNgwenya1) to clarify that the statement “We are being overwhelmed and overrun by this virus” is an admission and not a typo of which he responded “It’s a truthful message”.

Questioned why he defended a party held by a government Minister in the midst of Covid19 Mr Mangwana advised that “Our situation in January is not what it was in November” which means that the nation’s Covid19 situation is drastically worsening.

In advising the solutions, Mr Mangwana promised that the government is “going to use the law to its fullest extend” and also advised the nation that “The firstline solution is to prevent being infected by taking all measures that we have been advised of in the last 8 months. They kept us safe for this long. Let’s snap out of our complacency.”

Medical Doctor, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya who has since March 2020 been calling for extended lockdown and self discipline of the citizens weighed in and said “This virus is being allowed to spread and it will reach the killing levels seen by the survivors of the 1918 flu. I can only see one result virus vs humans. It will be too late soo”.

As Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) we appreciate the government officials for coming out in the open and admitting to the nation the Covid19 situation we are facing as Zimbabwe. We also call on the government to institute firm and fair human rights compliant lockdown measures, delay the opening of schools for 2021 and also reduce congestion in public transport ZUPCO. We also encourage the government to control congestion in bank and water queues.

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