Tighten Litter Fines – Bulawayo Residents

Bulawayo Residents who attended the Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) organized Bulawayo Environment Summit on the 10th and 11th of March 2021 called for the local authority to tighten its litter fines to curb indiscriminate littering and solid waste dumping in the City.

Some of the recommendation on littering included:

  1. Review environmental bylaws and introduce heavy and stiffer penalties and spot fines for littering
  2. Education and awareness on reuse and recycling
  3. Awareness campaigns on environmental management and stewardship as well as responsible behavior. In schools – creative waste management education is needed. Utilize all gathering (including baby clinics, funerals, church gatherings, etc) to educate on environmental issues. Churches may play an important role in public education and awareness raising.
  4. There should be an increase of litter bins in crowded areas of the City such as market places, bus terminuses, busy streets and shopping centers
  5. Promote litter recycling business enterprises
  6. Street vendors should be forced to have bins next to them and to clean their vending areas
  7. Consistency in waste collection by BCC and the collection trucks should come atleast as from 630am during other times of the year and as from 730am during cold winter times
  8. Increase the number of bins in the streets, atleast have a bin in each aver corner
  9. Local community anti-littering policing (Neighborhood Waste Watch) should be encouraged and promoted
  10. ZUPCO business and all other urban transport systems should be compelled to have litter bins inside

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