Bulawayo Residents Survive on Borehole Water

According to the results of the Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights survey entitled “Fighting for Water – Perspectives of Women and Girls on Conflicts and Violence at Bulawayo’s Alternative Water Point Violence most Bulawayo residents are surviving on borehole water during water shortage times.

The survey was carried out in 7 wards and targeted women and girls as respondents. It shows that about 46% of the respondents said they use borehole water, 31% use open wells, 15% use water bowsers and 7% use water kiosks.

With the incessant sewer bursts in the City of Bulawayo, this raises serious health and water quality concerns.

The Zimbabwe Water Policy stipulates that all water points should be tested twice a year for water quality. MIHR will be embarking on a fact finding exercise to establish if the Bulawayo boreholes were tested twice in the year 2020.

Access to clean, safe and potable water is a basic human right enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

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