Community Reportback, Feedback, Ideas Generation and E-Activism

TodaY MIHR conducted a community reportback meeting in Makokoba to give an update to the Bulawayo Water Action social movement members on water activism and developments in Bulawayo. The meeting was also aimed at giving a report to the community on the findings of a violence in alternative water points survey and generate ideas to monitor, document and prevent violence in Bulawayo’s alternative water points.

The organization also took time to introduce to the members a Bulawayo City Council mobile application.

Key takeaways from the meeting:

  1. The BUWA Makokoba team wants training in peacebuilding and conflict management skills as well as in documenting human rights violations and violence in alternative water points;
  2. The Team is concerned about the diarrhea outbreak in Emganwini and wants MIHR to probe the quality of borehole water in Bulawayo;
  3. Of the 10 team members present only 2 have heard of the Bulawayo City Council mobile app and none had installed it on their phone. MIHR assisted all of them to download and explained how the app operates. The members were encouraged to use the app to report water concerns and to get access to information;

MIHR is going to be doing these community reportback, feedback, ideas generation and e-activism.

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