Peri-Urban Bulawayo St Peters Village in Environmental Clean-up

MIHR Congradulates the St Peters Village Committee in peri-urban Bulawayo ward 17 for successfully mobilizing the local business community to clean St Peters shops area which was littered with beer bottles and papers.

The problem came to light on 30 July 2021 after Village Secretary Mr Lawrence Tshuma observed that the shops area was awash with litter. With the support of the Committee, he mobilized the business sector and shopkeepers to dig a refuse pit and clear the area.

In June 2021, MIHR trained village committees in the 4 hyde park villages of St Peters, New Mazwi, Robert Sinyoka and Methodist in environmental management. The organization further encouraged the committees to establish village environmental committees which are currently non-existent.

A clean and safe environment is a human right and ensuring the realization of that right is the responsibility of the communities.

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