Massive Deforestation of Bulawayo Mazwi Nature Reserve

Khami Prison (through officials and inmates) is causing massive deforestation of Bulawayo’s Mazwi Nature Reserve and the areas surrounding the prison by chopping down big trees for firewood purposes.
A Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) Monitoring Report verified the carnage and established that BCC rangers are turning a blind eye on this whilst local residents also complain of abuse by the rangers. The Report further notes some environmental and human rights violations risks due to the deforestation action.

The MIHR Monitoring Report recommends that:
1. Responsible authorities should immediately stop this environmental carnage.
2. Khami Prison should use alternative cooking power sources.
3. BCC establish an inquiry into the negligent actions of its Rangers.
4. An environmental restorative justice be implemented where deforester is made to plant trees in deforested area.
5. BCC revive Mazwi Nature Reserve.
6. Zimbabwe establish an environment court.

MIHR has since shared the report with the responsible authorities.

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