Binga Villagers Rate Gwayi-Shangani Dam Evictions 1 over 130 in ScoreCard

Lubimbi Villagers in Binga have scored the impending Gwayi-Shangani Dam evictions/displacements extremely low giving it a 1 over 130 in a Development Induced Evictions and Displacements Scorecard (DiEDs Scorecard 1).

The scoring happened in a meeting that was held at Lubimbi where MIHR in partnership with Civic Forum for Human Development and Basilwizi Trust held a capacity building for the Lubimbi dam committee, Lupane Youth Development Trust and Orphans Friends Development Trust. The workshop sought to enhance knowledge on the Zimbabwe Human Settlements Policy and strengthen skills and abilities of monitoring development induced internal displacements.

During the workshop, MIHR took time to administer the organization’s DiEDs Scorecard 1 which is a 26 indicator tool that monitors the initial processes before Development-induced Evictions and Displacements (DiEDs) are implemented by capturing the perceptions of citizens on how DiEDs are planned and communication.

The reasons for the extremely low scoring included lack of community consultations, community engagement and lack of information on the evictions process.

Meanwhile, MIHR continues with its community, national and international level advocacy in pursuit for a just and human rights based approach to development-induced evictions and displacements (DiEDs).

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