Enhancing Right to education and Accountable School Governance through SDCs Empowerment

In strengthening the protection of children’s right to education and meaningful community development through civic engagement and social accountability, yesterday (Wednesday 10 Nov 2021) Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights conducted a human rights accountability training for St Peters Primary and Sizalendaba Secondary School Development Committees (SDCs) in per-urban Bulawayo ward 17 community.

Commenting during the training, one SDC member complained that “we dont know anything about financial management, the school just involves us when they want us to sign for money to be released”.

Others further lamanted lack of financial accountability saying “if you question a lot, they ask you ‘do you want to be the headmaster now?’ and you end up kewping quite”.

This is a response to the Mobile Human Rights Legal Clinic that MIHR held with ZLHR in the community.

#RightsInAction ©mihr2021

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