Urban flooding menance calls for climate resilient urban infrastructure

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) calls on Zimbabwe urban authorities , including Bulawayo City Council, to prioritize urban resilient climate change infrastructure by improving the city’s storm drains in order to reduce people’s vulnerability to storms.

On 02 January 2022 heavy rains pounded various parts of Bulawayo including Pumula suburb and MIHR received and witnessed unfortunate incidents of urban flooding in some parts of Pumula area. The flooding is due to poor storm drains and some durawalls not having weep holes.

MIHR therefore urges Bulawayo residents to be responsible and ensure the opening of weep holes to minimize flooding in the communities. The organization also urges investment in the construction and mantainance of storm drains in the City. Residents can also organize themselves and offer their services to maintain local storm drains. Local leaders also need to urge residents to desist from polluting storm drains in order to prevent blockages.

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