Bulawayo Waste Pickers Input in National Policy and Decision Making Processes

On the 20th of May 2022, female representatives of the Bulawayo Waste Pickers Association attended a Parliamentary Public Hearing convened by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women’s Affairs and SMEs on the Women’s Empowerment of the Women Microfinance bank since its inception.

The meeting was an opportune platform for the waste pickers to interface with legislators and contribute to national policy issues.

Four of the participants who attended contributed in the meeting.

Only 2 of the participants had attended a meeting with Members of Parliament before and to others it was a learning experience since it was for the first time attending a parliamentary public hearing.

Apart from empowering female waste pickers on their rights, on GBV issues, digital literacy and economic literacy, MIHR is also facilitating their active participation in local and national decision making processes.

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