Alternative Water Finally Reaches Pumula South After Youth Intervention

Having gone for over 2 weeks without tape water in her community of Pumula South, young Samantha Kahari braved the fear and lack of experience of engaging her leadership and spoke to her Councilor for the first time in her life, resulting in the Council water bowser coming to the area twice the next day.

“I accidentally met my Councilor and at first I was scared but i just braved up and approached him and explained to him the challenges we are facing in the section of my community. He was very cooperative and understanding and he quickly called the people from Council offices asking them to provide us with water bowsers. The next day, the bowser came twice to give us alternative water” explained the elated Kahari.

Samantha is part of the 6 Bulawayo youths being trained by MIHR on human rights civic engagement. Her action is testimony that young people have a critical role to play in promoting human rights in their community. Her work is not yet finished as she is now monitoring the quality of water and she is also keen on addressing the problem of estimated water bills during water shedding time. She also wants to continue amplifying citizen voice and agency on water issues.


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