MIHR Launches Bulawayo Water Billing Petition

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) has launched a petition on Bulawayo water billing as part of the organization’s 2022 World Water Week activities. The 2022 WWW runs under the theme “Seeing the Unseen – the Value of Water” and the organization will be circulating a petition which amplifies citizen voice on the problems of estimated water bills and unfair charges during the current water shedding period.The petition is urging the Bulawayo City Council to:

  1. Do away with estimated billing and resort to actual water meter reading to determine the monthly bills;Should the Council be unable to do actual meter reading, then deduct about 20 – 30% of our estimated bills in view of the 40% without tap water per month reality, this will be progressively increased when the hours of water shedding also increase. This 20 – 30% deduction is a negotiated proposal from residents bearing in mind that we sometimes fill containers and that this water shortage situation is not entirely the fault of the Council.

The petition is being done in partnership with End Water Poverty.


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