MEDIA ALERT: Overcrowding, shared toilets worsening diarrhoea situation

THE issue of overcrowding and sharing of communal bathrooms and toilets coupled with the worsening water crisis in Bulawayo has been blamed for the city ’s diarrhoea outbreak, which has so far claimed two lives.

Statistics from the city health services department show that more than 1 663 cumulative cases have been recorded so far since last month.

On Monday 40 new cases were recorded with 827 people having recovered from the water-borne disease.

Communal ablution facilities in suburbs such as Iminyela and Mabutweni have left residents at a higher risk of contracting diarrhoea given the ongoing water shedding programme which is in place.

The city is officially on a 72-hour water shedding schedule, which the local authority is struggling to adhere to with some suburbs going for as much as four days without water. 

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