Bulawayo slum residents drink from open wells

(Bulawayo female slum dweller drinks from an unprotected open well which is their only water source)

Water poverty continues to haunt Bulawayo slum dwellers residing around the Ngozi Mine waste dumpsite. Due to their illegality, the local authority is not providing the slum dwellers with water services, and they resort to asking from nearby suburbs. However, as the City is facing a gripping water shedding programme which has forced the authority to institute a 72hours per week water shedding programme, the slum dwellers now drink from unprotected open wells.

Some slum residents are said to have suffered diarrhea stomach pains due to drinking unsafe water. The residents also revealed to MIHR that they do not treat the water as they do not have the home water treating chemicals.

MIHR is championing water rights advocacy in Zimbabwe through the #StandUp4Water Campaign which amplifies the voices of marginalized and underdeveloped communities on water rights issues and empower them to claim their water rights.

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