President Commissions Gwayi-Shangani Water Pipeline and Epping Forest Project

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa today (25 February 2021) commissioned the Epping Forest Borehole Project to supply water to Bulawayo and also did ground breaking for the contstruction of the pipeline to link Bulawayo and the Gwayi-Shangani dam. According to government sources “Work on the 260km Gwayi-Shangani water pipeline is expected to start soon as Government... Continue Reading →

BCC Moves in to Close Pelandaba Pits of Death

Following lobbying by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) on the human rights risks being posed by the abandoned open sand pits in Bulawayo, the Bulawayo City Council has moved in to close the Pelandaba open pits that have killed 2 people in five days and a total of 4 people in 3 months.

EMA Responds on Bulawayo Environmental Issues

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has responded to the MIHR 14 January 2021 letter addressed to EMA Bulawayo Province requesting for information on the practical steps that EMA has taken to hold the Bulawayo City Council accountable on litter and sewer management. According to the EMA response, the Council has received from EMA a total... Continue Reading →

Bulawayo Youths Speakout on illegal litter dumping

(Illegal litter dump in Bulawayo) Thirteen young people from Bulawayo who are part of the MIHR's 3 months youth environmental activism fellowship initiative have added their voice to the rapidly increasing environmental hazard that has gripped Bulawayo - illegal litter dumping. The youths said some of the contributing factors to illegal litter dumping include: No... Continue Reading →

Environment Rights Youth Activism Project Begins

Today, we begin the Environment Village youth environmental rights activism training and mentorship project with 21 youths from Bulawayo. The project which will run for the next 3 months will provide training on environmental rights activism, practical mentorship on designing environmental campaigns and building local social movements; as well as practical environmental movement building and... Continue Reading →

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