Bulawayo Female Waste Pickers Get PPEs

One Hundred and Fifty members of the Bulawayo Female Waste Pickers Association from Ngozi Mine, Trenance, Cowdray Park, Pumula Old, Pumula South, Pelandaba West, Magwegwe and Lobengula have received PPEs that include branded worksuits, gumboots, branded sunhats and waste picking gloves – in an effort by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) to enhance a... Continue Reading →

Waste Buyers Get Organized for Human Rights protection and Promotion

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights has trained and assisted the Bulawayo waste buyers to be organized and formulate a Bulawayo Waste Buyers Association which is inclusive of males and females in order to protect and promote the rights of waste buyers and waste pickers. MIHR has capacitated the waste buyers on human rights and assisted... Continue Reading →

MIHR Monitors ZETDC Development Induced Displacements

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights has monitored the ZETDC development-induced displacements of New Mazwi Villagers in peri-urban Bulawayo and established that whilst the housing units are of better value and quality, the processes of displacements fall short of national and international development induced displacements standards. The affected communities praised the process for having consulted them... Continue Reading →

“Bring Back Our Teachers” To Class

As Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) we implore the Government of Zimbabwe to abide by the Constitutional principles and values of rule of law, justice, good governance, respect for vested rights (as espoused in Section 3 of the Constitution) by immediately reversing the unjust suspension of all teachers who are incapacitated to go to... Continue Reading →

Bulawayo Chinese Quarry Mine upsets Residents

Residents of Bulawayo's Pumula Constituency are angry with the quarry blasting activities of Hualin Quarry mine located in Pumula North adjacent to residential houses and have openly told the mine and their local leadership to do things rights. On Wednesday 15 December 2021, Hualin mine blasted some quarry in their mine site and the noise... Continue Reading →

MIHR moves to empower female waste pickers

smart Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) has embarked on an initiative to empower Bulawayo women involved in the waste picking industry with human rights information and enterprise development skills.  MIHR launched the project termed Bulawayo Women’s Waste Cafe, Friday, in the presence of various stakeholders including the city council, Ministry of Women Affairs, Independent Commissions, Environmental... Continue Reading →

Zimbabwe National Dam Safety Plan – Howfar?

Dear Government of Zimbabwe Cc: Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) May you please assist by sharing with us and the nation HOWFAR has progress been made towards the formulation and implementation of the National Dam Safety Plan as enunciated in Section 485 of the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1). The country’s national development policy document... Continue Reading →

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