All people of Matabeleland please note that the is a Cholera outbreak in Harare (again) and Typhoid outbreak in Midlands. The cholera from Harare has spread to many parts of the country.
Please note that cholera does not discriminate on color, race, tribe or creed.
It is therefore why we at Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights wish to advise you to refrain from unnecessarily traveling to the cholera and typhoid affected areas for now until the situation normalizes. Should you find it inevitable to travel to these areas, please avoid shaking hands, eating food bought in streets, drinking unbottled water, sharing food, buying fruits in streets and buying uncovered food.
Furthermore, we encourage you to always seek medical attention as early as possible.
Those who are not going to travel, please note that food and people are very mobile and the cholera bacteria is mobile with them. We therefore urge all of the people of Matabeleland to be on the high alert and take all necessary and preventive measures to prevent themselves from Cholera.
Above all we encourage you to stick to our hygienic culture and also avoid shaking hands in funerals as this is not our culture.
Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights is an independent human rights watchdog that exists to enhance the protection, promotion and enjoyment of human rights in Matabeleland region of Zimbabwe.

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