Incidences of political violence that marred the recently held Zimbabwean local authority by-elections are causing fear and intimidation amongst the community water and environmental rights defenders as they are scared to openly challenge environmental polluters (especially those linked to the political elites) for fear of victimization and violence. Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) environmental... Continue Reading →

Bulawayo slum residents drink from open wells

(Bulawayo female slum dweller drinks from an unprotected open well which is their only water source) Water poverty continues to haunt Bulawayo slum dwellers residing around the Ngozi Mine waste dumpsite. Due to their illegality, the local authority is not providing the slum dwellers with water services, and they resort to asking from nearby suburbs.... Continue Reading →

MIHR Launches Bulawayo Water Billing Petition

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) has launched a petition on Bulawayo water billing as part of the organization's 2022 World Water Week activities. The 2022 WWW runs under the theme "Seeing the Unseen - the Value of Water" and the organization will be circulating a petition which amplifies citizen voice on the problems of... Continue Reading →

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