Bulawayo Waste Pickers Boycott Exploitative Prices

Bulawayo female waste pickers operating at Bulawayo's Richmond Landfill Site (popularly known as Ngozi Mine) have taken a bold stand to defend their rights by mobilizing other waste pickers and nonviolently boycotting selling their stuff for a pittance. On Thursday 02 June 2022, some female waste pickers mobilized other waste pickers (both male and female)... Continue Reading →

Expectations from the High Level Inter-Ministerial Indaba on Lake Gwayi-Shangani

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) appreciates the holding of the High Level InterMinisterial Indaba on Lake Gwayi-Shangani being convened by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Development in Hwange on Friday 03 June 2022. We thus implore the High Level Indaba to abide by the tenants of Constitutionalism and formulate a... Continue Reading →

ZHRC Engages Bulawayo Female Waste Pickers

(ZHRC Meeting with Pumula Female waste Pickers) In pursuit of access to justice for the marginalized and disadvantaged sectors of society, Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights facilitated space for the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) to engage with Bulawayo female waste pickers in Pumula and Ngozi Mine area. The waste pickers are organized under the... Continue Reading →

16 CBOs Endorse Compensation and Relocations Framework Policy Submission Paper

(Hon Nicola Watson and representatives of NPRC, ZHRC and ZGC receive the Submission Paper from a community leader) Sixteen Community Based Organizations (CBOs) from across the country representing various ethnic, linguistic and geographic minority communities have endorsed a policy submission paper calling on the government of Zimbabwe to enact an inclusive and human rights based... Continue Reading →

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