Luveve residents present water petition to councilor

With the support of 1374 signatures, BUWA Luveve today presented a petition to their ward councilor demanding action on petinent water issues in the ward. Critical among other demands was:

  1. Council should provide a water bowser on regular basis to areas that are not getting water; as a result of what we believe is a closed valve that controls supplies to certain blocks.
  2. council should send its engineers to the ground and investigate why water does not reach some houses within the ward, yet it’s the same connection that we are using for water supply;
  3. The Bulawayo City Council give us the assurance of measures being implemented to ensure non-recurrence of the same crisis again as the one we experienced earlier this year.
  4. We are also wondering how the council is charging residents for water consumption since it hasn’t been meter reading for a long time though bills are coming big & fast as residents, we demand value for money.
  5. We also call on the Council to repair and refurbish local boreholes as a way of giving residents alternative sources of water.
  6. We also call upon the local Authority to strongly supervise locally contractors who were working in our community and bring them back to fix the mess they left behind which includes cracked parameter walls, destroyed storm drains and uncovered pits that are a threat to lives of residents especially young children
  7. Lastly, we would like to recommend to the City Council to employ a decentralized system of reporting and attending to faults. The use resident plumbers who will attend to local bursts and leaks is another option that can serve the council a lot of resources
  8. We also request that Councilor Ferbbie Msipha improve her communication skills to the residents on issues of service delivery and relaying important messages.

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