ZINWA issues Update Statement on the Bulawayo Water Project

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has issued a statement updating the nation about the progress they have made on the Bulawayo water augmentation project. According to the statement issued on 02 November 2020 and says:

  1. The authority is drilling the last of the 10 boreholes
  2. ZINWA has equipped 7 boreholes and equipping is progressing with most components being on site
  3. Piping work is complete
  4. Energising (electrification) of the line (by ZESA) is the outstanding activity but ZESA engineers are working flatout to get the system energised within the “shortest possible period”
  5. ZINWA is already test running the pumping system using gravity and by end of 01 November 2020 10.4ML of water had been pumped through the test runs
  6. ZINWA is still committed to a speedy and expeditious resolution of the Bulawayo water situation

Bulawayo Water Action (BUWA) has been campaigning for Bulawayo water and in the past week BUWA has been running a countdown and reminding ZINWA to meet its 31 October deadline.

BUWA thus applauds ZINWA for updating the nation on the Bulawayo water project. BUWA also encourages ZINWA to be giving weekly updates through its microblogging sites and social media sites so as to keep the people informed as access to information is a constitutional right.

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