Bridging the Costs of Accessing Human Rights Information in Zimbabwe

A person staying at St Peter’s Village in peri-urban Bulawayo has to spend Usd3 just to go to the CBD to access government offices, NGO offices or independent commissions offices. They are told that they don’t have enough papers and they have to come again Tommorow and it’s another Usd3 again. This is contrary to their counterpart from the other suburbs of the City who spend only USD1,20 for a round trip a day.

The Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) concept of a Human #humanrights information centre seeks to bridge this human rights information Poverty gap especially for the most vulnerable communities. Through the HRIC we take institutions of government, Governance and human rights to the vulnerable people. We also provide assistive services so that vulnerable communities don’t spend a lot of money seeking Human Rights redress.

On Thursday 18 MAY 2023 we went with the Zimbabwe Gender Commission to St Peter’s Village where they were explaining to the residents’ critical gender matters and how to report cases to the commission. The most critical emerging issues were child labor, gender based violence, and sexual violation of minors.

MIHR has such Human Rights Information Centres at different parts of the country where vulnerable persons stay including in slum communities. Contact MIHR at


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